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Fox adopt by EonEra Fox adopt :iconeonera:EonEra 7 6 Arcadiness Adopt by EonEra Arcadiness Adopt :iconeonera:EonEra 2 14 Death Note Light Avatar by EonEra Death Note Light Avatar :iconeonera:EonEra 0 11
A tribute to Kifa
Dear Kifa,
I hardly knew you, besides that you were one of my watchers and that you had great talent. I'm sad to hear it had to end this way, and that i didnt help.
"Sometimes it happens this way: your whole universe changes and you dont know of it for hours. The world as you knew it falls to pieces,never to be the same again, and you go on thinking things are going to be the same again because you do not know better yet." 
Thats how i feel. I feel guilty, and sad. I cant seem to imagine how the people who knew him more than i do feel. But i can say that it's going to get better. 
I learned hours after someone wrote about him. And i was shocked. It's sad to hear that someone is gone, especialy when i could have helped. 
Maybe its true how people say that once you are gone, your thats are worth alot more. Because i wish i wouldve taken the time to think about what he had been saying.
Does anyone want to share some memories?
:iconeonera:EonEra 3 27
So how was your day?
So how was your day?
Say its good.
Thats what everyone says.
Even though it really was bad
Hide the truth, and you hide your pain
If you dont think about, it goes away right?
It builds up.
It piles up and then it overflows
And then you think, maybe you shouldve told that person
That you werent Okay.
So from there on 
You have made it your priority to make sure no one else isnt heard
To make sure that everyone is Okay
That no one else has to feel like you
And you ask
How was your day?
:iconeonera:EonEra 7 3
Zexion Caramell dansen by EonEra Zexion Caramell dansen :iconeonera:EonEra 0 8 Adoptables 1 by EonEra Adoptables 1 :iconeonera:EonEra 2 3
Remembering My Broken Glass
I guess my day of fame is over.
The talking has stopped, back to my usual silence.
I know only one way to stop my pain,
To feel the one true emotion
Nobody feels like me.

I checked it. Nothing like always. I remember the old times. I miss when we use to talk about anything that would come across my mind. I miss sitting up there, just watching the world around us. I miss getting shy when you hugged me. I miss the days before you met her.
A year later and after all the trying to forget, you brought it back to me. Happy 1 year anniversery, im really happy for you. But its the 1 year anniversery of when all the talking ended; when all the memories we shared really just became memories. I stopped wanting to talk about my problems 1 year ago, it didnt feel the same as telling you about my life. I still have the drawing you gave me. I look at it every morning and wish, that maybe I could go back and tell you that I really need you, that you shouldn't go out with her. My 11:11 wi
:iconeonera:EonEra 1 9
Nobody, my oc?
What is your full name and its origins? What about any nicknames? Nobody~becuase thats what i am
Have you any claims to fame?
Only if Keon does?
How would you introduce yourself? If you are famous in your world, how would you introduce yourself to someone who had never heard of you?
"Hello, i am Nobody. I have an amazing life but Keon doesnt. Care to know more?"
Which of your culture's achievements do you hold in highest regard? Eh having a person?
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Dont know??
What was your most prized possession as a child? Do you still have it?
A soul.Heh yep.
What would you change about yourself, if you could?
How thoughtful i am
What are you obsessed with?
Helping Keon in my own way. ///
What is your greatest achievement so far, or the high point of your career?
Keon's being greater
When/where were you happiest?
When Keon admitted she needed my help again
And the lowest point in your life thus far?
Crying with Keon
What was the best decision you
:iconeonera:EonEra 0 4
Walking away
Everything changed that fateful day. I walked away from them, their shouting heard and hanging low in my head. I walked away but the feeling continued. I was walking away from my friends. They wanted me to stay, to be with them forever, but they could never know. They thought I was walking away because they had done something wrong. But that would never be it. I wanted to say a last goodbye, but I knew that could never happen. I walked away and they were still shouting for me to come back, that they wanted me to stay. I wanted to turn around and walk back to them but I couldn't. I turned around and saw the look their faces, sad. It was like one of those moments where nothing is heard, and time seems to stop, but you know it doesn't and you have to keep going no matter how hard you want to stay. I turned around and continue walking away. The same thought running around in my head, it's for the best, and you can see them soon. But I know I can never see them again. I walk even further an
:iconeonera:EonEra 3 3
My best friend is my other half
Its always there right next me
It never leaves
It shares my pain 
I call it Nobody becuase its just like me
Nobody is left all alone 
Nobody talks to me
Nobody cry's while i do
Nobody has me as a friend
But Nobody isnt a good person
Nobody encourages me not to stop
Nobody tells me how horrible i am
Nobody just sits there and watches
Nobody can predict how im going to end...
:iconeonera:EonEra 13 21
No need for therapy huh?
No need for therapy now
Your Insanely perfect
Life couldn't go better
The perfect friends
Perfect grades and perfect teachers
What else would you be missing?
Everything, the sadness in being depressed
The need to talk to someone
To stop before it gets to bad
To end it all in a quick second
Or just barely making it.
The madness in being angry
The feeling in your head when something does go as planned
Being so frustrated you punch glass
Or just hating it all.
Feeling insecure?
Wishing you were skinnier? 
Wore better clothes?
Thinking your ugly?
Or maybe you just need someone to tell you that you're perfect.
You wouldn't know those feelings
Your to perfect 
All you get is happy, served on a golden dish
Yeah, No need for therapy right?
:iconeonera:EonEra 12 15
Somebody to talk to by EonEra Somebody to talk to :iconeonera:EonEra 14 3 Me needs therapy by EonEra Me needs therapy :iconeonera:EonEra 22 18 NeverTheStar by EonEra NeverTheStar :iconeonera:EonEra 1 4
Dragonquest IX FanFic
"Hello? Is there anybody there? If you're there, say something. Show yourself. Thus do the voices of the mortals plead, ever hopeful of proof of our existence." He says, teaching me what I should not already have known. He cast his glance downward before he continues, "For how long now have we watched over their realm? For how long have we Celestrians existed?" His teachings for this day were short but full of meaning.
Ch 1
We watched over the mortals, the boy with a dog talking to a boy and his horse, a young girl talking to a neighbor, the drowsy man fishing, yet no trouble was brewing.
"You have come far, Gwendolyn. I must confess to having my doubts about you becoming Guardian of the village instead of me. But its inhabitants' continued and the peace and safety is proof of your devotion. When Apus Major told me, 'Aquila, take Gwendolyn as your apprentice'
:iconeonera:EonEra 0 0


Valentines Day to Keon by TobiGonzalez Valentines Day to Keon :icontobigonzalez:TobiGonzalez 3 5 Things I Learned on dA - 12 by Drone-5 Things I Learned on dA - 12 :icondrone-5:Drone-5 159 287 take a smile. by Shutter-Shooter take a smile. :iconshutter-shooter:Shutter-Shooter 15,309 1,309 RIOT by izumi07 RIOT :iconizumi07:izumi07 250 44 THE RETURN OF DRESS UP ARI by B0RN-T0-DIE THE RETURN OF DRESS UP ARI :iconb0rn-t0-die:B0RN-T0-DIE 3,485 980
Green Day
I'll never be an American Idiot.
You will always be there on my Holiday.
I want to walk alone on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
Please Wake Me Up When September Ends
Somebody said to me that Nobody Likes You
and Good Riddance
:iconphantomofthepyramid:PhantomofthePyramid 197 52
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I am so tired.
I only got like 4 hours of sleep
  • Listening to: Open eyes-Debby Ryan
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"Its not clothes,
its not the hair,
its not looks,
its not the eyes.
Its the personality(get to know me)"

:iconrequestsask: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :icontradesopen: :iconpointcommissionsask: :iconpointcommissionsopen:
K so. Im guessing bio is supposed to be like my life story....
I like to write stuff. Im not the best artist. I LOVE music and ill walk around my house blasting music through my headphones. I play 3 instrument curently, but i kno how to play many instruments. I like hats. I love red pandas. i want to learn japanese. I cant spell. Soup is really good. I cant sing even if my life depended on it. I love math and science. I like giving people advice even though my life isnt perfect.
:bulletblack:Dont tell me "Zexion is gay" becuase 1) you cant prove it. 2) I dont love him anyless because of that 3) you are just a stupid fangirl. No
╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are or support
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos...Emos Rock GO Emos
EMO doesn't mean you cut.
EMO doesn't mean you're gay.
EMO doesn't mean you're suicidal.
EMO is real.
EMO are people.
EMO is everything.
EMO is a label.
EMO is being free.
Free to be you.

Danny Phantom,Edward and Alphonse Elric, And Winrey Rockbell= MY FICTIONAL HEROES!!
my dA family!
Aunt: Mellissa :iconcaliforniawishes:
Annoying cousin: Kami :iconbushybrownhair:
Mom: Hannah :iconprayerforthefallen:
Dad: Liam :iconvintageshadow:
Big Sister: Clara :iconilovekurosakitasuku:
Big Brother: Gabriel :iconneverthestar:
Little Brother: Tobi :icontobigonzalez:
Little Sister: Keon(me!)

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